Serenity Bay Series



A Serenity Bay Novel

Book 4



In foster care, Erik and Samantha promised to protect and care for each other. A promise they kept until the day she disappeared. When Sam walks in the door, the love he thought dead returns and makes him question his beliefs.

Can Erik release his fear and convince Sam there are men in the world worth loving?





A Serenity Bay Novella – The Howards

Book 3

What does a fun-loving gypsy have in common with an uptight attorney?

Harmony Owens wants more from life than probabilities and equations. She wants to live life on her terms and have fun while doing it. Ignoring the hard-nosed attorney whose face would crack if he laughed is a good start. But how will she avoid him when his sister asks for her help?

Stephen Howard sacrificed his dreams to keep his family together. His life is work and keeping his loved ones safe. He has no need for an airy-fairy mathematician in search of happily ever after, no matter how beautiful she is. But he’ll do what’s best for his sister even if it means accepting the help of a woman who irritates him more than screeching nails on a chalkboard.

Can Harmony convince Stephen that love is worth any risk, or is love a risk he’s not willing to take?



A Serenity Bay Novella

Book 2

A wish upon a star brought them together, but will their dreams keep them apart…

Amber Fuller, pocket-protector-wearing geek, has her life mapped out, and it doesn’t include falling in love with the sexiest chef in northern Minnesota. She has plans for conquering the Big Apple, getting an accounting job, and finding the love of her life—if the stars cooperate.

Mason Reed makes a red wine braised lamb shank that is fit for the gods, but he’d rather eat burnt toast and watery eggs than prepare a budget. When he can’t put it off any longer, he dusts off the boxes of receipts in the back of his closet and asks Amber for help. Now, he has to find a way to spend time with the woman who stars in his midnight fantasies without drooling…



A Serenity Bay Novel

Book 1

Can love heal the wounds of a cynical businessman and a woman searching for redemption?

Nine years ago, Jason Richards fled his hometown, broke and disillusioned. Now an anonymous letter has the sexy tycoon returning in search of answers. Jason won’t leave until every secret is exposed, and he has one last taste of the woman who haunts his midnight fantasies.

Beth Kingsley lost all she loved, and it took stubborn determination to rebuild her life. Now Jason has returned, and she is desperate to keep the past buried. If he learns of her betrayal, he’ll stop at nothing to make her pay. She vows to stay away from him, but his heated kisses don’t make it easy.

 But some secrets won’t remain hidden. When the truth comes out, they learn more than fate kept them apart, someone gave it a helping hand.

Can they trust each other and defeat their demons? Or, will the secrets and lies destroy their second chance ?


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