Sweet + Sexy = Swexy

I was ten years old when I discovered the wonders of my local library and began a life long love of books. I went to the library every Saturday and borrowed ten books, the maximum allowed. My mother’s biggest battle was getting me out of my bedroom and outside for sun and fresh air.
When I finally got access to the young-adult room, I discovered the amazing stories of Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, and—when no one was looking—Rosemary Rogers. The result was a love affair with romance novels.
As soon as they could, the librarians and my parents gave me access to the Science and Industry room. I think they were worried about my love of romance novels and hoped to change my focus. But it was too late, I was already addicted to Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and Rebecca.
These days I split my time between writing, reading, creating beaded bags, and following the orders of my boss-Tiger. I’m fortunate that he allows me to share his space, but occasionally, he feels the need to remind me who’s in charge.
Visit the Delectable Delights section of this website for a sampling of yummy treats like the ones sold in the Serenity Bay coffee shop, and stop in again soon to learn more about my books and characters.

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