Men of Serenity Bay, Book 1

Riley McMahon has come to Serenity Bay to fulfill her late husband’s last request. He’d wanted her to go to his home, to become part of his family, and for them to get to know the baby she’s expecting. Too bad his brother exudes both rugged masculinity and loathing for Riley in equal measure. Riley had loved her husband. She’s shocked—and feeling guilty—to discover it’s his maddeningly attractive brother who sparks something more.

Aidan McMahon won’t be fooled again. No gold digger is going to waltz in and claim any part of his beloved farm. Riley may be carrying his brother’s baby, but Aidan suspects the truth: she’s only here for the money. He can’t deny his desire for his brother’s widow, but she can’t be trusted, and the pain of his brother’s loss is still too close.

But someone else has their eye on the land Aiden worked so hard to save. Riley and Aiden are in his way. With an arsonist willing to stop at nothing to get what he wants, and Riley’s pregnancy in danger, can Aiden and Riley survive long enough to discover love on the other side of grief?

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