Men of Serenity Bay, Book 6

She’s battling for justice. He’s fighting for his life. If they team up, will they live long enough to explore the fiery need that burns between them?

Heartbroken over the death of a young girl, medical examiner Juanita will do anything to identify the killer and bring him to justice, even risk her life.

Accused of being a dirty cop and under investigation by Internal Affairs, Brad has to find a way out of the conspiracy to frame him. Can he prove his innocence and survive the threats of those who want to silence him permanently?

When Brad and Juanita met, the attraction flared, but they had only one night. Then fate stepped in and gave them another chance. If they outsmart death, can they lay claim to a love that burns hotter than the sun?

Brad is the breathtaking sixth book in the Men of Serenity Bay romantic suspense series. If you like determined heroines, resilient heroes, and nasty villains, then buy or read with Kindle Unlimited Danni Rose’s page-turner Brad.

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