Broken Promises

Serenity Bay, Book 4

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Life wasn’t supposed to be this hard…

Heart battered, Samantha Fleischer has vowed never to trust another man. She is running from an abusive husband in search of a haven. Sam is drawn to Serenity Bay where she finds an ideal place to hide and heal. There’s just one problem, a sexy-as-sin coffee shop owner who makes her want to believe in love again.

Nothing lasts forever, not even love…

Betrayed by love, Jon Erikkson has friends but lets no one close enough to hurt him. Growing up in foster care, he dreamt of a home and family until betrayal turned his hopes to ashes. Then Sam walks through the door, and his world spins out of control. She makes him want more from life than days filled with work and nights spent alone.

Can Erik convince Sam some men can be trusted and not all promises are broken?

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