Men of Serenity Bay, Book 2

There are two things in life Ethan McMahon loves: his farm in Serenity Bay and Annie Knight. The self-made millionaire has been lusting after Annie since high school and she’s finally agreed to a date. But when a woman from his past claims he’s the father of her three-year-old daughter, the timing couldn’t be worse. Ethan’s always wanted children, but what’s Annie going to think of his new insta-family?

Restaurant owner Annie Knight treasures her independence. With her parent’s terrible example in her past, she’s vowed never to marry or have children. Although she’s always loved Ethan, baby food and booties were never part of her future. But when a stalker starts hounding Annie, she’s confronted with a choice: lose her love, or risk losing her life.

Choosing Ethan means choosing his daughter, too. But with someone determined to drive Annie out of Ethan’s life, will she live long enough to make that choice?

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