Gus’ Christmas Eve

He found a new life. She started her business. The future looks promising until trouble strikes. Can they stop it from destroying their dreams?

Men of Serenity Bay, Book 4

Gus MacGill staggers under the guilt of letting his family down. He resigned from special ops to make amends but struggles with becoming a civilian again. Then he meets a bright-eyed candy store owner who makes him want more from life, but does he deserve her?

When Gus takes a liking to her caramel turtles, Evie Jones is only too happy to feed his craving. Learning the man’s name took a while, but it was worth the effort. Evie will give anything to find two hundred pounds of male perfection under her Christmas tree.

Evie is stunned when someone vandalizes her store. She is grateful when Gus comes to her rescue. But when the culprit strikes again, it becomes clear he is determined to put the candy queen out of business. Can Gus and Evie stop the shadowy villain before he kills her dream?

Gus’ Christmas Eve is the exciting fourth Men of Serenity Bay series book. If you like friends-to-lovers stories and want to see if Gus and Evie can stop the shadowy culprit’s nefarious plan, you’ll want to get Danni Rose’s story of sweet candy kisses.

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