Men of Serenity Bay, Book 3

Ian Remington has a hidden reason for taking a job as a deputy sheriff in Serenity Bay. He’s hoping to finally confront the birth mother who’d abandoned him as an infant. What he hadn’t expected was his attraction to Angie, the owner of the diner, a woman with a face and body that could lure a man to his doom, or to heaven. 

Angie Knight’s father abandoned his wife and daughters when she was only eight. She’d always hoped he’d return one day, so they could be a family again. But Harry’s sudden return is causing problems with her twin sister and in her growing relationship with Ian. Her sister is hinting at secrets, and Ian’s investigating him. Why are they so suspicious of him?  

Growing up in foster care, Ian learned to fight to protect others. What he didn’t learn was how to love. If he tells Angie everything he’s hiding, he risks losing her. But when danger threatens Angie, Ian has no choice. Can they find the courage to confront their broken pasts together, and find the love they’ve both been missing?  

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