Perfect Harmony

Serenity Bay, Book 3

The Howards, Book 1

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What does a fun-loving gypsy have in common with an uptight attorney?

Harmony Owens wants more from life than probabilities and equations. She wants to live life on her terms and have fun while doing it. Ignoring the hard-nosed attorney whose face would crack if he laughed is a good start. But how will she avoid him when his sister asks for her help?

Stephen Howard sacrificed his dreams to keep his family together. His life is work and keeping his loved ones safe. He has no need for an airy-fairy mathematician in search of happily ever after, no matter how beautiful she is. But he’ll do what’s best for his sister even if it means accepting the help of a woman who irritates him more than screeching nails on a chalkboard.

Can Harmony convince Stephen that love is worth any risk, or will he throw away their chance at forever?

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