Perfect Kiss

She escaped to find herself. Instead, she found him.

Serenity Bay, Book 5

The Howards, Book 2

Katherine ‘Kit’ Carlson yearns to break free from her mother’s hold and live life on her own terms. Jamison ‘Jamie’ Howard’s knock on her door provides her with the perfect escape opportunity—all she has to do is convince him to help her. If only he wasn’t still angry that she’d walked out on him.

Jamie is drifting through life working a job he’s over-qualified for, and it doesn’t help that his employers are also his brothers. What’s worse, they still see him as a fifteen-year-old incapable of making good choices instead of a grown man. To prove he can stand on his own feet, he has to say goodbye to the past and stake a claim on his future.

When Jamie finds Kit hiding in his car, she begs him to take her with him, but he’s skeptical when she claims to want to escape her mother’s iron grip. They’d been down this road before, but saying no isn’t an option because she still owns his heart. Will taking a risk on Kit lead to the future they’d once dreamed of? Or, will it lead to heartbreak, again?

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