Dreams for Tomorrow – A Serenity Bay Novella

Yesterday I published Dreams for Tomorrow on Amazon. It is a novella and the second story in the Serenity  Bay series. In this story, we meet Mason Reed, owner and chef of the River Inn, and Amber Fuller, a waitress in his restaurant and almost-accountant.

Mason dreamed of escaping his frantic life in New York City and returning to Serenity Bay to open a bed-and-breakfast and restaurant. Now he lives by the mantra: Make the Inn profitable. Prove Dad wrong. Plan tomorrow’s menu. Love? No time even for a luscious almost-accountant.

Amber worked, studied, and saved every dime to make her dream a reality. She’s a few short months from moving and conquering the Big Apple. At last, she’ll attend plays, the orchestra, and eat at a restaurant after midnight. Her only problem now is to keep from falling for the hottest chef in northern Minnesota.

Danni Rose

Writer, reader, lover of romance! I split my time between inventing stories about the gorgeous men and women of Serenity Bay, creating beaded bags, and following the orders of my boss-Tiger. I’m fortunate that he allows me to share his space, but occasionally, he feels the need to remind me who’s in charge

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