Serenity Bay Series

Serenity Bay, where love always finds a way.  

Kiss Yesterday Goodbye Cover

Kiss Yesterday Goodbye

Jason and Beth fight for a second chance at love.

Dreams for Tomorrow

Mason & Amber are chasing their dreams but sometimes dreams change!

Perfect Harmony

Can staid Stephen & flighty Harmony do anything but fight?

Broken Promises

Erik & Sam know promises are broken but can they be kept?

Perfect Kiss Book Cover

Perfect Kiss

Kit left to find herself, fortunately, she found Jamie-again!

Perfect Dawn Book Cover

Perfect Dawn

Jake’s past haunts him but in Dawn’s arms, he finds peace. Can he let go of the past and embrace the love only she can give him?


Will Aidan and Riley follow where their hearts lead or bury themselves in the cold, dark grave of the past?

Perfect Love

If Grant and Trish can overcome the challenges fate has in store for them, a Perfect Love will be theirs.

Perfect Enemy

What is Cameron supposed to do when the woman his heart has chosen is the sister of his enemy?


Choosing Ethan means choosing his daughter, too. But with someone determined to drive Annie out of Ethan’s life, will she live long enough to make that choice?


Can they find the courage to confront their broken pasts together, and find the love they’ve both been missing?  

Gus’ Christmas Eve

She opened the business of her dreams. He’s trying to start over. When trouble comes knocking, can they save the Sugar Shack and enjoy sweet candy kisses?


She’s running for her life. He doesn’t want to be hurt again. A fake date between friends keeps the matchmakers away, but it’s not that easy to escape danger. Will she run again or stand and fight?

Serenity Bay Series

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