Shadows of Yesterday

She’s running for her life. He’s escaping his past. Fate made them friends, but if they’re willing to take the risk, their hearts will make them lovers.

Men of Serenity Bay, Book 5

Rachel White has the job of her dreams until she sees a man killed. Now she has a target painted on her back and is desperate to get away from the men who want her dead. When she stops in Serenity Bay and meets doctor charming, she’s torn. Should she keep running or stay and fight for her life?

Matt Gerard moved to town to start over. Unfortunately, it isn’t far enough to escape the betrayal of the woman he married. Then Matt must deal with the truth he buried because not all lies die a peaceful death. Will he survive the torment when the truth comes out?

When Matt meets Rachel, she turns his world upside down. Still, fate has a wicked sense of humor. The romance that starts as a lie soon becomes more real than he thought possible. But will they live long enough to claim the love that blazes like an inferno in their souls?

Shadows of Yesterday is the thrilling fifth book in the Men of Serenity Bay series. If you like to read about make-believe relationships, strong women, and determined men, then get this intriguing story by Danni Rose.

Shadows of Yesterday was previously published as Matt. The title changed, but the novel is the same great story written by Danni Rose.

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