Shattered Illusions

He was the unwanted child. Her father abandoned her. Can two scarred souls overcome their troubled pasts, or will bitterness steal their future?

Men of Serenity Bay, Book 3

Ian Remington took the deputy sheriff job in Serenity Bay to get close to the mother who abandoned him. He blames her for growing up in foster care and never having the family he wanted. Then he meets Angie Knight and has thoughts of forever, but she deserves more than a broken man.

The father Angie adored left his wife and children when she was eight. She’s always hoped he’d come back so they’d be a family again. But when he returns, it causes problems. Is her desire to have her father home blinding Angie to the truth about him?

Growing up as he did, Ian learned to protect others, but no one taught him how to love. Ian’s afraid if he tells Angie the truth about why he’s in Serenity Bay, he’ll lose the woman who completes him. But when danger threatens Angie, what will Ian sacrifice to keep her safe?

Shattered Illusions is the thrilling third book in the Men of Serenity Bay series. If you like determined men and strong women who confront overwhelming challenges, read Danni Rose’s story of troubled pasts and journey with Ian and Angie as they fight for their Happily Ever After.

Shattered Illusions was previously published as Ian. The title changed, but the novel is the same great story written by Danni Rose.

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