Sinful Secrets

If she doesn’t give her heart, it can’t be broken. Now she has a chance at forever. What is she willing to risk for love?

Sinful Secrets Cover

Men of Serenity Bay, Book 2

After growing up with her parents’ dismal example of wedded bliss, Annie Knight refuses to live with the kind of pain her mother endured. She would die a little more each day if she found out she wasn’t enough for Ethan McMahon. So, although she’s always loved him, she vowed never to marry or have children.

Ethan loves Annie and finally gets her to agree to date him when a woman from his past shows up with a three-year-old daughter he never knew. Ethan loves children, but what will Annie think of his insta-family? He’s terrified she will use his daughter as an excuse to end their relationship.

But Annie has a bigger problem—someone wants her dead. Ethan will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves, even if it means his life. Now she has to make a choice. Run away and lose the love of her dreams, or fight for a life with Ethan and his daughter.

Sinful Secrets is the exciting second Men of Serenity Bay series book. If you like spirited women, strong men, and a touch of suspense, you’ll want to get Danni Rose’ story and journey with Annie and Ethan to claim their future.

Sinful Secrets was previously published as Ethan. The title changed, but the novel is the same great story written by Danni Rose.

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