Thanks to Ms. Martin, Amelia & Class

I received a lovely email from Ms. Martin, Amelia, and her class about a website on which they found helpful writing information. Thank you for taking the time to share the website with me. You’re correct, there are some great articles about writing–the craft and the business.

A slight qualifier, there are a few items that have changed, and I do not in any way endorse Zenbusiness or their services.

The article: Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author. The web address:

It is an interesting phenomenon that some of the best articles about writing are found on websites of companies offering services to writers. This is especially helpful because editors tend to be more aware of the current trends in the writing business.

As an example, on Wordslayers’ website where they offer editing services, you will find the article: 7 HELPFUL SELF-EDITING TIPS. The web address:

Another interesting website: The Creative Penn. The web address:

To Ms. Martin, Amelia, and the other class members; what I love most about writing is being able to create a new world. This morning, I will be in northern Minnesota, but this afternoon, I will be zipping off to New York City. I love the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and be anyone. I hope you find joy in the words you write.

Let your imagination show you the world!

Danni Rose

Danni Rose

Writer, reader, lover of romance! I split my time between inventing stories about the gorgeous men and women of Serenity Bay, creating beaded bags, and following the orders of my boss-Tiger. I’m fortunate that he allows me to share his space, but occasionally, he feels the need to remind me who’s in charge

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