Tucson Festival of Books

It was a great weekend of fun and learning. The Tucson Festival of Books took place last Saturday and Sunday. It was awesome. I got to talk to Iris and Roy Johansen-authors, Candace Havens-author & editor, Larissa Ione-author, Brenda Novak-author, Catherine Coulter-author, and so many more. They were all generous with their time and encouragement. While here they autographed their books and talked to interested writers about their experiences on their road to become the professionals they all are. So grateful to all the authors who spoke at the Festival. Maybe next year you can attend, after all where else can you see so many top authors for free?  Danni

Danni Rose

Writer, reader, lover of romance! I split my time between inventing stories about the gorgeous men and women of Serenity Bay, creating beaded bags, and following the orders of my boss-Tiger. I’m fortunate that he allows me to share his space, but occasionally, he feels the need to remind me who’s in charge

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